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Changing TV delivery

Netflix and HBO are slowly but surely changing a lot about the way we consume TV. Rex Sorgatz actually makes an interesting point in How Netflix the spoiler alert and how to fix it:

In attempting to fix an outdated system (the weekly release calendar), technology has created a new problem (silencing discussion). But surely, we can solve this dilemma.

I agree with the premise, and the fact that binge watching has changed the way we talk about TV. Rex’s proposal is a modest mid-way between what it was, and what it is becoming, but I don’t believe it works for ‘all’ TV.

However, this made me think about something else.

As someone who lives in a country where ‘Sorry, but this content is not available in your geographical location’ is a constant let down, I think content providers will do better to fix thisproblem. The movie industry seems to be able to put out movies around the globe, and people are willing to pay multiple times a month, to watch them. It probably helps that there aren’t content providers sitting in between.

The world is too ubiquitous today for this to still be a problem. Particularly for things like TV previews, and interviews with stars. Finding a consistent way to deliver TV content across the globe, inside a simple subscription model, is where the disruption probably is.