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What Twitter was, and what it is now

Jean MacDonald:

I have several friends in “real life” who started as Twitter buddies. But over the years, Twitter has become something I don’t recognize anymore, a place where hate and intolerance and crass commercialism have found a welcoming home.

As a side note, a nice insight into understanding micro.blog as a Twitter user—how they’re same in some ways, and how they’re different.

Her Twitter experience though is not far away from mine; some of my closest friendships & collaborations have their origins on the network, but … here we are now.

Jean doesn’t get into this much but a long-standing problem with Twitter is how they’ve stifled third party development, over, over and over again. I mean, even a service like LinkedIn doesn’t—well, can’t—really integrate with Twitter.

The ‘philosophy’ of increasingly closing off the network to the outside world or the open Web at large has been seeping into other aspects of Twitter’s culture as an organization & a platform. The last few real Twitter apps are now bending under this weight.

Considering Facebook isn’t in a particularly great place currently either, hello to an free-er, open-er Web. And hello, Micro.blog.