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Building the Micro.blog ecosystem

Manton Reece:

I think a goal for us with Micro.blog should be that third-party developers get access to the same basic tools that we use to build our own apps. Rate-limits should be the same for an app like Icro as they are for the official Micro.blog app, for example.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about blogging and content, and how the breakup of traditional ‘blogs’ have cost us, the netizens, a whole lot.

The more time passes, the more I appreciate the philosophy that sits behind Micro.blog. Every decision won’t be perfect and/or popular, but it is good to see that the driving principles of it all are rooted in the right place. Manton’s been extremely open and communicative about it, so I hope that part scales as this gets bigger. With the way Twitter is handling third-party apps that built the platform, the timing is perfect too.

Oh, and:

(To be clear, we’d offer this for free. Our business is blog hosting.)

I’m glad to see Micro.blog’s monetary stream is both clear upfront and doesn’t require surrendering user privacy.