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How we ran product at Posterous

A little context. My deciding factor to use Posterous for blogging was actually a video of its founders talking about their drive and process behind putting it together (sorry don’t seem to have a link for it anymore). There are some key feature differentiators why I have continued to use Posterous — and expanded my use to a food blog, alongwith using it on a corporate level — but it started with that talk, about their motivation. It seems to factor when I decide on using a product or service, and why I land up sticking with it — understanding its history, the founders and their motivations.

I digress. I came across an interesting post by Posterous’ founder, Sachin Agarwal, who posted some thoughts about how the ran product management at Posterous, a good read:

I loved the process we had at the end of Posterous’ life. We were working hard, shipping new features weekly, looking at metrics (but not too much!), and we were mobile first.
The process also ensured we were working on what we thought was the most high value feature possible, while still dealing with tech debt and bugs. It’s a balance.
We had accountability. We knew when we were making mistakes or running late. It made my life a lot easier. It made board meetings easier. I could go on vacation and know the company was powering on without me.

Go on, read the whole post here.