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Home Screen 2018

Home Screen 2018
I had not noticed that the dock icons no longer have labels until I compared to last year’s homescreen.

Continuing M.G. Siegler’s tradition, my homescreen kicking off 2018. Not to worry, it was screenshot’d on January 1.

Outside of the obvious change to screen size, compared to 2017:

  • I’ve switched back to the default mail client after some trouble with Outlook on iOS.
  • Overcast makes the home screen with podcasts—both listening and creating—taking on a prominence last year.
  • The social media folder gets a move towards the bottom row for easier thumb access
  • My recent foray into HomeKit products means Home gets some attention
  • Apple Pay arriving to my part of the world means the Wallet says hello.
  • Workout things moved away as I continue to track movement, but open history way less
  • Been wanting to experiment with Halide all the more
  • Calculator became a control center action during 2017. The move of control center to the more inconvenient top right has affected this ever so slightly, but I just find myself using Spotlight for basic computation.
  • I still don’t know why Apple News hasn’t left my home screen.

Until next year.